I want to invite all of my friends over for a nice dinner. I want to have friends and people around me whose company I enjoy. I want to be surrounded by people who like me for who I am. I want to treat them nicely. I want to be able to buy great quality groceries and cook delicious meals. I want to have a big living room to go there after dinner. I want to have a Nintendo and a projector so we all can play Mario cart together. I want them to feel welcomed and lighthearted when coming…

1: Nostalgia

This is an often overlooked reason, but it is one of the most important ones. It explains why the Hype is happening right now and its volatility.

Back in the days, Pokémon cards have been hot! A must-have during your school break. But also an object kids used as a toy, destroyed and worn down. Then the mainstream audience turned away from the card game for a long time. Collectors have always been into it. Collecting cards, preserving and enjoying them. And like a lot of old stuff — old-timers, watches, wine, just to name a few — they appreciated…

To work with outputs trained by an AI isn’t necessarily straightforward and requires a good look at the data.

By using aerial images provided by the Wild Intelligence Lab we try to find a good structure and get insights into aardvark holes and dead trees in the Kuzikus Wildlife Reserve.

This article acts as an additional, more comprehensive look at the data science part of the main project. The main article already goes into details about the cause of the project and how the Mask RCNN was trained to work for us. It can be found here:

Provided Machine Learning Data

We start of looking at the information that was provided and the form it comes in. Resulting from the Mask RCNN neural network architecture we get the following output:

  1. Image Classification (labels of the predicted content of the image with an input): dead_tree or aardvark_hole
  2. Semantic Segmentation (associate pixels in the input image…

This story will toggle loneliness, isolation, and one's purpose in life. The Corona Virus pandemic changed the way we live, love, and work and it immensely challenges our physical and mental health. Not only in an obvious way but often in a sneakier much more dangerous aftermath.

Photo by Melanie Wasser on Unsplash

When the news and seriousness of the pandemic came to Germany I was in the middle of changing towns. I moved from Munich to Berlin to Chemnitz (Saxony). …

In a strange way finishing high-school gives you the first feeling of accomplishment. Of finishing something you worked on for years and a sensation of being allowed to enter the adult world. But we already know that school, while giving us a good educational background, often overlooks real life problems and doesn’t prepare us for a time after its closed environment.

Topics like Taxes, Insurance or Investing are rarely covered. But while those are things leaning on the materialistic side(still would be nice if teachers could adjust the educational system), there are more abstract topics of social nature nobody talks, let alone teaches you about.

Back to school

How to be a nice and positive person? How to treat other with respect? How to correctly flirt? How to find new friends and maintain friendships?

You’ve probably at least once asked yourself those questions. And if through the years experience may brought some short answers to some of those, the reality is no one prepared…

As much as the governments would like to deny it, drugs, legal and illegal, are a common part of our life. Especially looking into the nightlife, one soon starts to realize that every musical scene has a “drug of choice”: Dancehall — Weed, Rock- Beer, Goa — Acid, for god’s sake, even classical music and operas are associated with wine.

Looking at electronic dance music, specifically techno, the cliche drugs are ecstasy and speed. Since the genre gained popularity in the 90s those substances have always been a part of the community. There is no reason for being proud of that, neither is there a reason to deny it and acting as if clubs are the holiest places on earth. Everyone who has looked into illegal substances knows, that they aren’t as dangerous as our schools taught us and that talking about usage is far more effective in preventing addiction and reducing harm than simple repression.

Photo by JOSHUA COLEMAN on Unsplash

So assuming moderate consumption…

Sometimes you need to leave your hometown and move away. Whether you’ve decided on your own that you want to see a new place or the circumstances forced it. A new job opportunity, family, boyfriend/girlfriend… there can be many reasons, but it doesn’t matter if it is wanted or unwanted, now you have to deal with the situation and figure out how to find happiness in a new city.

Berlin Summer 2017

Nearly 4 years ago I moved from Berlin to Munich to study in the Bavarian capital. I wanted to move, mostly to escape the extravagant lifestyle Berlin is famous for (non-stop…

Electronic Music events are a melting pot for different people and their styles. From High Fashion to kinky to your basic hoodie. Everything can be found, but what is appropriate and what isn’t?

First of all, let’s weaken my introduction to this article. It’s not my right and not my job to tell you or someone else what cloth to wear and what to leave at home. The most important part in this article is the message:

Wear what you feel comfortable in!

This most likely will go hand in hand with a wardrobe that represents your personality. If you…

The Contact festival is Munich’s biggest electronic music happening during the winter Months — let’s review it!

Link to the Event: Resident Advisor


Everything took place at the Zenith Event location a bit outside the city in Munich Freimann. The area is the home of multiple halls, first of all the Zenith Mainhall itself, Kohlebunker and Kesselhaus. The last two have each hosted one stage while the Mainhall was home of two floors.

Event Location

The place itself was easy to reach since it is only approx. 15 min outside the city center. …



Awakenings is located inside the Westergasfabrik also known as Gashouder. Quoting the Resident Advisor venue page:

It’s a large, pillar-less chamber with an iron roof and a maximum capacity of 3,500, meaning it can play host to large-scale club nights as well as slightly more intimate events (with a seated capacity of 2,500).

The area is easy to reach. 15min by foot and 5min by bike coming from Amsterdam CS. Some bars and coffee shops are on the way. Also Westerpark, where it is located, is quite interesting. There are some bars and restaurants in the park. Also…

Sebastian Pirozhkov

Freibier für alle, der Letzte zahlt!

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